Effect of Operating Parameters on Colour and COD Removal Treatment of Textile Wastewater

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Muthanna Journal of Engineering and Technology

Volume 5 issue 1, 2017

Ahmed Hassan Ali

Asst. Prof. /Chemical Engineering Department \ College of Engineering

Al-muthanna University \ Al-Samawa



In the present study, the effect of process parameters on photocatalytic degradation Bismarck brown Y dye has been examined in a batch reactor under UV light in heterogeneous  slurry  utilizing various concentrations of different semiconductors commercial catalysts (TiO2 , ZnO , CdS and ZnS). Parameters has been studied (catalyst type, catalyst concentration , pH of dye solution and dye concentration at the beginning). The results show that the best values of TiO2 , ZnO , CdS and ZnS are 1 , 0.5 , 1.25 , 1 g/l respectively and the optimum pH are (10  , 6  , 8 and 10) using TiO2 , ZnO , CdS and ZnS respectively. Moreover the comparative assessment of the photocatalytic efficiency was made for different photocatalytic powder. It was noticed that the best photocatalytic efficiency as ZnO > TiO2 > ZnS > CdS respectively.

The percentage removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD) of the dye solutions was higher than that of the degradation of dye for the same conditions of catalyst.

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