Assist. Prof. Dr. Hussein M. Al Khuzaie   

Editorial Board

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed H.Ali

Assist. Prof. Dr. Isam J.Alyasry

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed A.A.Rasheed

 Dr. Alaa S.Shkir


Scientific Committee

1-Prof.Dr.Anes A.Al-Sheemary,Basrs University,Iraq.

2-Prof.Dr.Bushra Suhail,Baghdad University,Iraq.

3-Associate Prof.Dr.Elena M.Gorodnova,Saint Peters burg State,Russia.

4-Prof.Dr.Ali H.Al.Jameel,University of Mosul,Iraq.

5-Prof.Dr.Seyodramin Madarshatian ,South Carolina University.

6-Associate Prof.Dr.Sarina Raheem,UTEM,Malesiya.

7-Prof.Dr.Vladimer V.Uletsky,SUT,Russia.

8-Prof.Dr.Paul Ziehl,SCU ,USA.

9-Prof.Dr.Mudhefer S.Al-Zuhairy,STU,Iraq.


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