Volume (5), Number (1), (2017)

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Improvement of Structural Properties for Reinforced Concrete Deep Beam Using Silica Fume with Polypropylene Fibers


Rafid Saeed Atea

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Study of Differential Scanning Calorimetry on Phase Precipitation in Various Heat Treatments of AlZnMgCu Aluminum Alloys


Haider Tawfiq Naeem 

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The Use of Crushed Brick Waste for The Internal Curing In Cement Mortar


Alaa Ahmed Shakir

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دراسة تأثير تركيز المحلول الساكن في عملية التشغيل الكيميائي على الخشونة السطحية ومعدل الازالة المعدنية للفولاذ منخفض الكاربون


  نسرين داخل فهد

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فلسفة الغياب في العمارة المعاصرة


عباس علي حمزة ال كريزة

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Nonlinear Analysis of Bridge Girders Subjected to Lateral Impact Loading


Abdulamir Atalla a , Aqeel Mohammed Hammood b

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Comparison Between The Optimal Application of Variable Structure Controller (VSC) and Power System Stabilizer (PSS) Using Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) in Improving System Stability


Hashim Dhahir Mohammed AL-Thabhawe

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دور النظم المكانية في تشكيل العمارة


عبدالله سعدون,أحمد عبد العالي كبة , هديل سعد رزوقي

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Effect of Operating Parameters on Colour and COD Removal Treatment of Textile Wastewater


Ahmed Hassan Ali

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Artificial Neural Network Model for Predicting the Compressive Strength of Concrete using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity


  Salim T. Yousif, Omar M. Abdul-Kareem , Kaythar A. Ibrahim

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